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Programs for volunteers in Russia: job placement, visa, meeting, accompanying
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About us

We are the Russian company "INFO-DIGEST". Our team is represented by tourist managers, professional translators, skilled lawyers, ex-employees of law enforcement bodies, and enthusiasts of volunteer movement. All that allows us:

  • to provide participants with volunteer placement, accommodation and meals in accordance with their applications;
  • to organize participation in excursions, youth meetings, evening events and concerts;
  • to solve in a prompt and effective manner all questions connected to granting the visa, with registration on arrival and legal support of foreigners - participants of volunteer programs in territory of Russia;
  • to make this travel a bright, valuable, instructive and unforgettable experience for each volunteer.

Russian Volunteer officeOur project "Volunteer in Russia" was created in 2003 for enthusiasts of volunteer movement from all corners of the globe. The overall objective of the project is to help children and teenagers of Russia in socially unfavorable sectors: children's homes (orphanages) and rehabilitation centers for handicapped children. Also, volunteers can work in city youth centers, educational sector and in regular summer camps for all children.

We are helped out by various youth and public organizations of Russia, Committee of youth policy in the Russian Federation government, the Russian Federation Ministry of Education, Centre of child and youth tourism and study of local lore, Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation.

Plus, of course, we express our sincere gratitude to our major assistants enthusiasts of volunteer movement in all cities of Russia, where our volunteers work; their ranks include working young people and students, teachers and young experts, managers and employees of child care institutions.

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