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Programs for volunteers in Russia: job placement, visa, meeting, accompanying
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You are a participant

Moscow Students by KremlinBefore submitting to us your application in section "Ready to book", please consider some requirements to you as a volunteer, and read some information on features and details of your future travel to Russia.

For participation in volunteer programs it is required:

  • That you have reached full legal age of 18 by the date of departure. There is no upper restriction of how old you can be, but some children’s camps demand that leaders are not older 30 years.
  • That you are healthy both physically and mentally, and could prove it with medical references translated into Russian and certified by a notary and apostil before actual arrival to Russia.
  • If you are going to work with children as a Counselor / Instructor, it is necessary that you could understand and speak Russian sufficient for chosen work, though the majority of camps now demand, that leaders do not speak Russian to make children study foreign languages more actively.
  • Russian camp summerIf you are going to work in cleaning of premises or territory, in kitchen or in laundry just learn some key words and phrases necessary for such work.
  • If you are going to work with children as a Counselor / Instructor, you must have communicative skills for such work, and it is necessary to prove the information on your work experience with children by documents from place of your study, or documents and photos proving that you have younger brothers or sisters.

You come to Russia

Russia is a beautiful and interesting country, and Russian people are among most educated ones in the world. But you should understand that Russia is still developing, and conditions of life you have got used to differ from those of many Russians. It will demand from you a certain delicacy and care in your speech and behavior. At the same time, you yourself may temporarily experience the same conditions in which people live in Russia, and you have to be ready for that.

Russia is a country of culinary refinement, and Russian people are well-known for their hospitableness. You will be treated with everything they find in the house, and they will always try to feed you. You need to be cautious with unusual products and spices. Also, sometimes you may be persistently offered alcoholic beverages. You will not offend anybody if refuse firmly – it is simply a mark of attention to you and display of hospitality.

Russian provincial townIn Russian drugstores you will easily find all analogues of medicines you have got used to, but pharmacists seldom speak English, so take along with you packing of your medicine – thus they can read structure of your medicine in Latin and will get you what you need.

Now in Russia there are plenty of ATMs, or cash machines, where you can easily buy Russian rubles. The basic bank cards are: VISA, MASTER CARD, EUROCARD, and MAESTRO. Try not to use street cash machines and not to cash large sums when you could be seen by passers-by. It is better to use cash machines in banks or large shops.

If you want to have dinner at a restaurant or cafe, ask for advice your guide or your new friends whom you work with, and they will recommend something suitable for you. Also remember, that the most expensive restaurant is not always the best. Opt for a private small restaurant known for quality of cuisine, where owners always try to please each visitor.

Russian police patrolNow in Russia the sector of entertainments actively develops and at your service there will lots of entertaining centers with restaurants, cinemas, shops, bowling and discos. We strongly recommend visiting such centers only in the company of your new friends if you go there at night. It will help you to avoid troubles because of your bad Russian or not understanding of service rules and requirements of behavior norms.

In Russia there is quite high level of criminality, therefore observe elementary rules of caution: do not walk at night in city suburbs, do not leave personal belongings without supervision, lock the door in your room or apartment, and remember that in any situation and at any time you can call your operator who speaks English and can call the police, or render you some other help. Always try to know the name of street in which you are, and some noticeable buildings near you, so that you could be found easily and quickly.

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