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Programs for volunteers in Russia: job placement, visa, meeting, accompanying
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To volunteers, wishing to visit Russia

Your help can be directed almost at any sphere of human activity – work with socially-unprotected layers of Russian population (the handicapped, the aged, children from unfavorable families); work within framework of informal education, directed at intercultural dialogue; development of the projects strengthening the spirit of social tolerance; peace-making, resolution of conflicts; environmental protection, etc.

Russia volunteerYou can be considered a volunteer if you:

  • do not expect to get profit for your help;
  • can do without government support, i.e. pay all the costs yourself for the organization of the work you are doing free of charge;
  • are ready to help with your personal convictions, sincerely and with love.

You can become a volunteer if you:

  • are 18+ at the departure;
  • are physically and mentally healthy and can prove it by certificate of health translated into Russian and certified notarially and by apostil;
  • can understand and speak Russian well enough to work where you’ve chosen (it’s not necessarily for staff members);
  • have communication skills for working with children (for counselors and mentors) and can prove it by references from your work or by   pictures with your younger brothers or sisters.

receive trainingIf you are with us, you are not alone:

  • Today more than one hundred million people are members of the volunteerism.
  • 19% of adults in France participated at least once in their lives in volunteer actions.
  • Every third German that is 34% of the population of Germany is a volunteer devoting more than 15 hours per month to work in the volunteer associations, projects and groups of mutual aid.
  • 26% of Japanese have the volunteer experience in the past and they are sure that volunteer work is very useful for their personal growth and for the society on the whole.
  • About 33% of the population in Ireland are volunteers. The time spent on volunteer work amounts to 96,454 working hours per year. 72% of the population think that volunteers do something that can never be done by the hands of paid employees.

Volunteers and their organizations are involved in voluntary projects on the basis of personal decision, initiative and confidence in tasks and ideals of volunteerism. Volunteers are not some kind of "cheap labor force" their initiative and energy are of their own free and conscious will, which serves as a catalytic element in implementation of any given project.

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